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martes, 7 de julio de 2015

Discrimination Definition: Unfounded use and spread like a plague.

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The Discrimination can also be called an "anti-value" because its use and propagation does not evolve a society that practice it (even they don´t want to recognize); it only creates unfounded hatred to something that never should exists on first place.

There are many and various forms of discrimination , it would not be possible to mention each and every one of them in a single article or space like this... we could write books and more books due to collecting, reviewing and analyzing the whole issue ... without getting anywhere. Let's see , in the other hand , what happen if there are societies that the meaning of discrimination have no meaning?

 ... What happen if in some societies there is not even a word closer to the “discrimination word”? ... possibly this will be surprising in our society; but ... what happen if it’s the reverse ?, we mean; in other countries probably its uses is increasing, it’s spreading and even somebody is trying to make efforts for "legalizing"; what happens when there are societies where the word has so many meanings and synonyms, applications and its scope is so huge that even the young children believe it’s very normal?

Yeah, it’s bad , it’s ugly, it’s a very “hot” subject, but somebody have to do the dirty job. What kind of discrimination do you want to start talking about? ... Perhaps for instance we can think about discrimination against women. To be a woman in Mexico is not easy, national and foreign companies fired female employees when they have already few months of a product in gestation inside their womb, we knew mexican law doesn´t allowed it (at least until nowadays ) and so, why it is still happening? ... Is it happens mexican law can´t apply against whoever violates ?, is it affected ’s fear women to report such illegal activities to responsible mexican authorities because women don’t trust on them?; everyday the media (print and electronic) bombarded us with negligence, nepotism, inefficiency and corruption government’s issues ... if we can not trust in who is supposed to be the "guide" or manager to protect and enforce the law, then…what can we do ?.

The women’s struggle to have civil political rights (to vote and be voted for public office jobs) was not a struggle in vain , it was all the accumulated dissatisfaction that surfaced at a time when our country and the world for no reason apparently... discriminated a very important sector of the mexican and world population: the women.

The discrimination against whom has different capabilities, which is practiced in the daily activities for public, private and private companies in México; something for which some activists and mexican civil associations have been struggling for this to be reduced to a minimum or disappear entirely; however, some printed, digital, radio and television publications make these efforts will be diminished and make it bigger ... something negative and sad. They speaks about people with syndromes (either excess or lack of chromosomes for example) as physical or mentally incapable, clumsy, too smart, very able, with few social skills or all of them. In México they discriminate if you are very smart or if you’re not, like this good bullied people will come from “another world "and for unknown reasons are still here and won’t deserve to be with us. Would it be too much to ask, giving the seat to these people on public transportation, not parking in spaces for their exclusive use, to be suspended television or radio programs thay only manifest scorn and hatred to them?

Discrimination against who think differently ... against people who believe/practice in different political, religious opinions or sexual preferences; is a constant in Mexico. If we take for example a nice analogy that nature presents to us, these general ideas can change and get broad/wide the spectrum of inclusion to us…in the jungle for example, occasionally a lion was borned completely WHITE, "albino" and it’s not a nature mistake ... exactly all the opposite, it’s a symbol of preventive evolutionary biological intelligence, which produces sometimes. Do you know why? ... Because the most obvious reason it’s ocasionally  Earth had been in “Ice Ages”. Nowadays in our world a white lion can not be camouflaged for getting food (to hunt) , because its albino color is not an advantage; but what would happen if things were different ... and someday (for a not known reason) naturally or by the human’s action the climate would changes and the forests and plains were “WHITE” and the entire visual spectrum was so very bright that it will cause that the only thing we could target would be everything different thing  because ice, snow and more... would be WHITE; so here in this point animals such as “albino lion” would be the kings of this ecosystem. Could you or an animal perhaps reach to see an animal in this conditions where vision is limited due to excessive reflected light in a white or icy landscape ... what about an animal that is also and completely WHITE like “Albino Lion”? that’s our point... Eureka!

Some people will be on disagree about all this stuff we have written about , but  it’s a fact that the people’s right to get married with even another person of the same gender, the existence of various radical thinkings (liberal or conservative) and its waypoints, religious and atheists and so on ; all of these are aspects that should not receive any class or discrimination’s kind , the variety makes the world to be different, unique, great, as it is ... things in this world would not evolve if we all thought alike, if we were all made with the same mold. Colors, flavors, ideas, projects, ideas, businesses and its wide range are the result of this great idiosyncratic diversity; we must be grateful for it so ... people who dare to limit the expression’s rights , vote and be voted, social inclusion, gender, religion, disabilities and more; not only is doing a huge mistake , that kind of people are doing a collective cultural suicide ... which will be very hard to leave once we enter on it ... because as physical and natural rule ... always it’s easier to destroy than to create ... it’s not?

New Zealand, China, Germany, USA, Holland and more ... have advanced too much if you talk  about combating discrimination (not all, but they had them) ... they have different economic, political and cultural governing systems ; but this struggle has been written in stone for many years to accept all these inclusions under one condition: NOT TO DAMAGE THIRD PEOPLE  ... that unspoken rule was implemented by mexican president Benito Juarez in Mexico many years ago ... and today it’s still increasingly seems dead letter; we do not mean only the mexican government (or anothers in the world) are not applying this universal law, we also refer to the lack of dissemination and acceptance of this socially acceptable paradigm among the most vulnerable sectors and of course for those new generations who inherit the controls of political power , economic and social in the countries; so we see in mexican news people who commit excesses think the world is theirs; this people also speak in a profanity way and call to discrimination against those groups who are different from them by skin color, language, religion, political, economic status and more ... because these "children" feel offended or has not agreed to make their whims in the same way they receive at home ... where their parents with a finger’s click will fire to home personal/ servitude.

Returning to the example of advanced countries, we have for example New Zealand, where cyberbullying is already a crime *1 discrimination; also in China people of high society, different religions, economic status and more ... eat, go the bathroom, study in the same schools, and other spaces in a public environment and socially inclusive through guarantors offered by their authorities ... which makes the term discrimination becomes something that "does not exist in its colloquial vocabulary" . There is a small problem ... certain individual rights are forbidden and can not elect their leaders even in a political simulation, one party decides the lives of others, one group establishes what is good and bad for the population and it seems that It gives results; at least from their cultural appreciation, because they think violence, pornography, theft, assaults, kidnappings, drug trafficking and more explicit that are more characteristic of western cultures and rooted in Latin America, "will contaminate" to their culture; their citizens and this would cause a kind of "apocalyptic decline" ... and they are right partially (thanks to Marco Polo for having convinced the Chinese to show the world their great inventions: paper, compass, gunpowder, etc.) . The Chinese are peaceful and kind people, the Chinese are people seeking the trust of others, the Chinese are responsible and hardworking, but still not forget the slaughter, sadness and the suffering  caused them by Japan people in the Second World War, Japanese killed many innocent Chinese people ... a country with such cultural wealth is opening to the world ... but in the political aspect can not expect miracles for the moment, we will have to wait ... the wise time will tell.

US and France are pioneers of individual freedoms and social inclusion and for reasons we do not fully understand, they are experiencing cultural regressions; United States, "the country where everything is possible" shows racism / discrimination is rising to Latino, Arabs and African-Americans groups without reasons justify it. Someone  still do not understand that the "skin color, religion, language or beliefs" are not a danger to anyone ... if there are "some" individuals of these social groups that have lost the compass ... just emphasize the word "some", this is NOT an indicator that shows us it’s something that must be attacked, to arrest or catch them all, to attribute fake charges against whose have different political views or for all "non-white" racial groups. Germany and the Netherlands for example, are examples to follow ... children 8 years old go to school by self riding bikes, people of various ages walk late at night in Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, etc., anyone with a euro the bag can get access to a cafe and order a snack without suffering any kind of discrimination; thanks to high levels of security, confidence and inclusion that these germanic countries have made.

We sincerely hope that corruption in next future decreases in Mexico and in others countries like it, the safe streets increase and strengthen civic education; in order for the issue of discrimination (in all its forms)  tomorrow wiil be a topic that cause us laughter, something we can tell our future children (even if they will not believe) that Mexicans united struggle to make the inclusion as a new value of national identity ... it took us all to a better place, to a place they deserved within the globalization and that is, we mold and improve the financial asset that has better Mexico: its human capital.

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