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domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

Virtual reality is not science fiction anymore!

Since we were only little children use to play to be characters of movies like “Star Trek or Star Wars”. The science fiction is in our blood and it’s part of our deeper dreams.

The high tech development we are witness in the actual century, gave us gadgets like Iphone, Quadracopters and more…but, what about the Virtual Reality?, continue with us and read next:
Samsung has made VR available for use with their mobile platform with their latest headset: The Gear VR,  and it really is quite fun to use.

At 379 grams, it feels quite light on the head but also sturdy enough to trust it will stay in place. With a 96 degrees field of view, the VR entertainment looks pretty incredible for a mobile powered VR experience.

This means that viewing angles are wide, accurate and with the sensors on board users will see the entertainment adjust alongside their head movements. It’s all very immersive - kind of like you’re looking at a huge IMAX screen that re-positions with you.

The headset has a removable strap so there’s no need to worry about your hair getting ruffled up during each use, and with comfortable cushioning around the frame it rests nicely against the forehead and surrounding areas.

It also looks pretty fresh and modern. However, there’s no denying that you are going to look a little odd wearing it – especially if you’re insane enough to use it on public transport. My guess is that usage is best kept behind closed doors.
This version works alongside several Samsung handsets: The Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus and each phone can easily slot into the back of the headset to become the display for the VR fun.

So…that’s the reason we shouldn’t think the virtual reality is only science fiction…you want or don’t…it’s a reality!

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Source: Halifax Courier

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